You’re not the only one worrying about juggling a job and your deadlines and surviving off beans on toast. Don’t be afraid to seek help from the university, that’s why they have the services they do. Make an appointment with a student advisor, go to the university information point and re-evaluate your options. There are grants and loans that you can apply for.


But in the mean time here are are my top 5 tips to surviving as poor student:

1. Make shopping lists- It sounds simple, but planning your meals and writing down only what you need prevents you from making those spontaneous splurges.

2. One man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure- Ebay, Depop. Get rid of the crap you don’t need. Those shoes you have only worn a few times and don’t like could turn into your weekly shop!

3. Visit your bank- If you’re opening multiple accounts be careful to read the terms and conditions as some banks can withdraw overdrafts at any time. Also if you’re struggling and you don’t have an overdraft, make the most of one, you’ll never get an interest free overdraft in any other time in your life.

4. Family meal times- Get your flatmates together and combine your scraps to make a feast. You get more for your money and with it you can enjoy a nice bonding session.

5. Charity shops- You live in Bristol. Get down to Gloucester Road and check out the second hand, vintage and up-cycled clothing it has to offer.

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By Rosie Leigh Porter