Bristol is seen by many as the epitome of a ‘vibrant scene’, embodying art, culture, nightlife and diverse cuisines. One of the city’s foodie hotspots, appealing largely to the student population, is ZaZa Bazaar. It’s a must for any Bristol newbie.

zaza_by ceri_at_ethical_blogger
ZaZa Bazaar’s first floor buffet restaurant

Open in December 2011, the establishment is, in its own words, a ‘passport to the world of food’ and celebrates adventure and flavours with top chefs and a unique atmosphere.

Situated in Bristol’s Harbourside quarter, the restaurant is a two-story glass building, with waterside views and a staggering capacity of catering to 1000 customers at the time. It was the largest establishment in the UK at the time of its opening.

The décor – although it looks like a rushed job in turning it from a dis-used warehouse into a restaurant, actually looks fantastic. Adorning both the outside and the inside is fun, quirky and colourful, incorporating everything from neon lights to leather ‘booths’. Its tasteful merge of interior design and six personalised stations for each continent’s cuisine is mirrored by the innovative approach to service – a stylish all-you-can-eat buffet.

Regardless of how broad a customer’s gastronomic palette is, this menu covers it with a diverse range of world-renowned dishes, including Asian, Italian, Mexican and American. The choice offers sushi, salads, noodles, curries, British classics, kebabs and an assortment of desserts including the tallest bucket of sweet’s you’ve probably ever seen and a giant chocolate fountain. Be warned though- you’ve only got 2 hours to eat it all.

The colossal volume of choice is fabulous- but only in small doses.  Dan, a third year UWE student, found it rather too tempting: “Going there for the first time, I was so overwhelmed by all the different amounts of food that I thought I had to try everything…I ended up being sick.”

However, hindrance to the focus on quantity can be the loss of quality, as Andrei, also a UWE student, points out: “I’d say the actual flavour is lacking, the taste is a generic ‘savoury’ one, even when comparing a pizza to a curry”. However he does add, “The set-up of the place is great- it’s a novelty”.

By Madalina Ciobanu