By Will Anderson

“Oh I’m from Bristol and I live at home” that’s what I say to people when I’m asked where I’m from, this is almost always followed by “I really miss getting my washing and cooking done for me!”. 

After reading about record numbers of 20-30 year olds living at home thought I would answer a few of the questions or misconceptions that I often encounter using my experiences and the experiences of other students I have spoken to. Well first of all I do my own washing and me and my partner Alice try to cook for ourselves when we can, what I’ve found is that when people come to university there is a desire to be more independent that doesn’t go away just because you aren’t living on your own.

Another question I get asked is “why didn’t you move away to university?” I can’t speak for other students living at home but the truth is that I did go to Plymouth University for about a month and for personal reasons I had to come back. I enjoyed the studying side of university at Plymouth but I had to remain in Bristol. One misconception I’ve found that most gets on the nerves of fellow students living at home is the idea that they are too homesick or emotionally reliant on their parents to move away. We have to be honest that moving away is really expensive! For a lot of people it’s just easier to stay in Bristol and the idea that they are not grown up enough isn’t true.

The last question I get asked is “do you feel like you are missing out?”. Unfortunately the answer to that question is that yes I do often feel left out. For example in First year my friends would regularly meet up for a night out or to get food and I would be unable to join them. Despite this there are some really great reasons to stay at home: you don’t lose contact with old friends, you don’t have to worry about landlords and it’s cheaper! I also feel that living at home has pushed me to get more involved with Societies and Networks in order to make friends at UWE and I’ve met some really great people this way!

UWESU are trying to set up a home students network, email Tom Renhard at to find out more.