by Rose Berry (UWESU Good Food Society)

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Things have been heating up on Frenchay campus this semester and it seems not enough students are aware of it. Leave your wallet at home, your food in the fridge, your oven off, and make your way over to One Zone: it’s Thursday. Feel Good are calling all students to come and have a go at learning a whole range of global and impressive recipes. There are FREE cooking demonstrations taking place every week, with the chance to learn how to prepare and cook a wonderful variety of dishes. Plus you get to enjoy them afterwards absolutely free of charge. Whether you’re someone who understands very little about cooking but has a desire to learn more, or you’re already gaining confidence in the kitchen and would like the chance to put your skills into practice, this is for you.

At 5pm every Thursday, UWE’s head chef Darren puts on a fun and informative cooking demo for students. With a microphone, large projector screen, and camera set up overlooking the work station, this event is professionally carried out in a relaxed and welcoming environment, and allows all attendees to get in on the action. The recipes are particularly exciting, with anything from a traditional fish pie and lemon biscuits, to the more gastronomic saffron risotto with sea bass, and a basil and raspberry crème brulee. Either way they will be taught with masses of enthusiasm and you will surely take something away from each session.

Having visited last Thursday, I was highly impressed by what I saw. Before taking your seat, you will see the recipes (usually two) printed on A5 pieces of paper with an image on each to show the finished result. On the menu was a ‘Fragrant Asian-style Chicken Broth’, followed by ‘Fat Witch Brownies’. Everything was made from scratch bar the scrumptious chicken stock that had been made that morning. A fantastic part of this event is that students have the opportunity to go up on stage and lend a hand. This really helps you get to grips with the recipe and it’s a lot of fun! Evidence of this can be seen simply through the students who return week after week to this light-hearted event.

Martino Mio, a third year International relations student, said that the cooking demos were a great chance to “get to know new recipes and new people with the same interests.”  Serene Lam, another 3rd year student studying Fashion, said that as well as learning to cook, it is an opportunity to “understand new vocabulary, ingredients and more about food from other countries.” These comments really show just how much can be gained from attending these events. 1st year student, Richard Horig studying Business with Economics explained that there were two reasons why he attends each week: one, “to broaden [his] knowledge of cooking” and secondly “for free food which is also good food!” I would like to add, that before coming to this event, I was feelingly overwhelmed and anxious due to an upcoming assignment. However, I left feeling; happy, relaxed, and regretful that I’d missed out on so many of the previous demos.

As a keen foodie myself, I could not recommend this enough.

Weekly recipe’s can be found on the WesternEye website here:

The different recipes each week can determine when you want to join in. Go for something you know you love and don’t know how to make, or look up and sign up to something completely out of your comfort zone. Whichever day you choose to go, this Feel Good event is sure to send you away feeling uplifted and content – if you don’t overdo the free food that is!