Photo: Rob_moody
Photo: Rob_moody

By Nicol Caplin

We have reached that time of year. Gym membership recruitment peaks just after the festive season, as we all struggle to do up that top button after a holiday filled with pies, pudding and plenty of mulled wine. New Year’s resolutions, to many, involve losing those last couple of pounds and once again fitting into those skinny jeans- but did you know that you might not be spending your calories wisely?

Now that you’re back studying and the great social calendar takes off once again, it might be a surprise to find out just how calorific certain types of alcoholic beverages are. For the wine lovers out there here’s some perspective: the average bottle of wine contains around 750 calories. Due to the calorie content of sugar vs alcohol (4 kcals per gram vs 7 kcals per gram) the more alcoholic the wine, the more calorific. Other drinks also have hidden nutritional demons, especially if you order things on draught and cannot see any labelling information.

How better to spend these calories? How about some wholesome, nutritious food? You know, the type

of sustenance your parents brought you up on before your new life of studying and instant pot noodles (which are also stuffed full of calories and alarming levels of salt). A standard glass of dry wine with 15% alcohol has 175 calories. Below are some alternative ways to spend these calories that will have you satisfied in no time.

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