Halloween decorations
Photo courtesy of Sarah_Ackerman

By Danielle Scregg

Halloween approaches and you have sent out the Facebook invitation, scary clown photograph attached, inviting all your uni friends and foes round for a spook fest.

A key ingredient to a great house party is the people you invite. For an halloween one, make sure you pick the ones who will make that extra effort to get dressed up and party until the early hours of the morning. 

With regards to food, if people are dancing and drinking you may not need to supply any. Food could be what makes the party expensive though. Keep it simple by providing a few sweets that can be scattered around the house in pumpkin shells carved into scary faces. You can buy big bags of sweets for a pound if you shop around. 

Pumpkins are relatively cheap and can be bought from a local supermarketYou simply have to dig out the filling using a spoon and then carve out those killer teeth and some triangular eyes with a sharp knife. The pumpkins can also double up as decorative lights to line the entrance to the front door.  This is a cheap and easy way to set the halloween scene from the minute your guests arrive.

Dangling cobwebs from lighting, pictures and mirrors is a must. These cobwebs can be a DIY job. Simply get your hands on some cotton balls, the ones used for removing makeup, wiping wombs etc. Stretch them apart as far as they will go without breaking and then spray them with hairspray. Dangle them around the house and voila. There is no need to buy the pre-produced cobwebs that cost way more than they are worth. 

Once you have added your DIY webs you may want to buy some spiders to sit in them for extra effect. Poundland sells 52, for obviously, one pound.

Poundland also have some other great haunted house accessories such as a glow in the dark skeleton and mummy. They sell ghost style plastic cups which is a MUST buy because everyone will be asking you for a cup for their drinks. Spending a pound on a pack of cups will be a life safer the next day, when you have that dreaded hangover, there will be no mounds of cups to wash.

If you or your flatmates eat lots of fruit you could create a shadowy centrepiece. Buy some large block candles and position them in the centre of a large bowl. Surround the candles with the fruit and then add some of the cheap and cheerful spiders in and amongst the fruit. 

Get in touch with your artistic side by creating your own spiderweb. Using paper stick a number of pieces together so you create an A1 sized piece. Using scissors cut a spiderweb shape into the paper and blue tack it to the corner of your room. This can be a little time consuming but worth it for the effect.

Another important part to a house party is the games. You can pull out your classic drinking games such as beer pong and ring of fire. There is also the bobbing for apples halloween game which could remind your guests of their childhood. The bobbing and drenched faces provide plenty of entertainment, while fitting the most with the halloween theme.

As halloween outfits go there are thousands of things you can go as. Pretty much anything that is dead, from celebrity to a cheerleader will work. If all fails cover yourself in red blood and your job is done.

Once you have donned the ghostly bed sheet or killer blood. Added the cobwebs and made your pumpkins. All you need to do is enjoy your haunted house party with your friends. As for all student house parties, your guests will bring their own drinks and enjoy the night with you. No need to pay for expensive taxis into town. You won’t loose any of your friends in the club and the girls won’t need to worry about treading on glass when they remove their shoes mid party. 

Perfect, cheap and cheerful way to enjoy Halloween.