By Sangita Lal

It’s that time of year again, and no I don’t mean Christmas despite what the adverts on TV are saying. It’s the fancy dress one, Halloween!

With the current economic situation being what it is and life being too short, our finances and budgets tend to veer the same way. So how do we make decent Halloween outfits for a decent price?

It really doesn’t have to be that difficult, just get your creative juices flowing and you’ll realise how far a pair of tights, some cheap lipstick and old clothes go a long way.

If you’re really stuck for ideas why not try putting on some black leggings and a black vest top and fill four pairs of old warn out tights with newspaper. Safety-pin them around your waist…and voila, you’re a spider!

What you do to your face is up to you but I always like to use eyeliner and draw spiders’ webs. It makes no logical sense, but it’s Halloween, anything’s allowed!

For a ‘quick fix’ animal costume, use the same black leggings and vest top and make some simple Zebra stripes by cutting strips of white paper and sticking them across you.

Then, go 90’s and bring back headbands to make some ears. Just cut out two diamond shapes from plain white paper then fold them around the headband so the pointed ends meet, then just stick edges. Add two black triangles on the ears and that’s your zebra outfit done.

If you want to go for the classic scary zombie, rummage through the abandoned clothes you haven’t worn in years, or those guilty impulse buys you forgot you caved into, and release some ‘studying stress’ ripping around the bottom hem lines of old shirts and jeans and pick at the thread fraying the edges.

After, make some tears across the chest as if you’ve been attacked by some unimaginable creature and stain the edges with some cheap red lipstick. Superdrug do an Academy Lipstick for a £1 so head there for some bargain cuts! Use the same lipstick on the edges of your mouth to make it seem like you’ve recently bitten someone and/or are looking for some fresh meat!

To get the ‘sexy mummy’ look (this is aimed at us girls, but guys go ahead if you so wish) get any tight skirt out the wardrobe or head to Newlook, they have a tube skirt for £7.99 at the moment and use a simple white vest top. Once you’ve got these sorted just buy some bandage from any cosmetic store (Boots) and start wrapping.

Also, just moisturise whatever’s on show and once it gets to the ‘tacky’ stage, get a friend to help you spray talcum powder over you. (Just a tip from past experiences, I’d do this in the bath) You’ll look as white as a ghost in minutes for half the price! Then, when it comes to make up, go for smokey black eyes, so a base of pencil eyeliner over the eyelid, then layer dark grey or black eyeshadow on top, smudging it into the upper eyelid to wherever you prefer.

If you’ve feeling devilishly daring, Poundland are doing a devil horn and pitchfork set….guess how much for? Bargain! That’s the fundamentals sorted then just head to any cosmetic store and get some red face paint and literally go crazy.

If you haven’t got any red clothes, just draw devils symbols on a white top and match it with some shorts or a skirt. If you use a standard lipstick they should be as good as new (or however they started) after a quick wash!

Halloween’s a time to not care about what other people are thinking, or how perfect you need to look. Just have fun and enjoy letting your inner five year old have a night out!