4 – 6 North Street, Bedminster

From appearances, the Bay Bar is a seaside gem situated in the heart of Bedminster. The combination of comfy leather sofas and the enveloping pastel blue and white colours create the perfect retreat. Landscape scenes line the walls and even the drinks behind the bar have a few shells dotted between them. But while during the week its décor brings to mind the relaxing break of waves against the shore, come Saturday night, the Bay Bar transforms into a clubby disco. There’s a DJ every Friday and Saturday blasting the charts. Who doesn’t love a bit of Rihanna or Gaga? Although, if those aren’t your cup of tea, party classics such as ‘Beat It’ and ‘. . .Baby One More Time’ are occasionally tossed into the mix. The barmen here are incredibly talented – the majority being in the profession from a very young age, throwing together two drinks at once, concocting cocktails with flair and never missing a beat of the music. And I haven’t even mentioned the drink selection yet! They stock Tequila Rose (which I am currently fangirling over), Kahlua, and all the student favourites such as Smirnoff, Sambuca, Jager, and Baileys. Thatchers, Stella, Guinness, and Carling are available on tap, along with a plethora of others. However, the cocktail menu delivers the fruit to the feast and includes:
• Raspberry Mess – Vodka + Chambord over ice with Lemonade + Lime Wedges
• Dark Knight – Black Sambuca + Black Aftershock with Pepsi
• Pimm’s Pirate – Pimm’s, Sailor Jerry + Orange Juice
• Deep Purple – Red WKD, Blue Curacao + Silver Aftershock
With all that the Bay Bar has to offer, it is truly the place to spend your nights out.
ByAlaina Zimmerman