We are constantly told throughout our University life to make ourselves employable. To stand out from the vast selection of other candidates battling it out in the highly competitive job market once we graduate. This is exactly what we are offering members of the Marketing Society 13/14. By Samantha Clark

Freshers FairBy joining our society, our members are enabling themselves a better chance of getting to the interview stage by becoming actively involved in projects related directly to the field they want to get ahead in (of course marketing could just be an area many students are interested in but actually is an knowledge asset desired by all organisations).

With a number of projects already underway, our members are able to explore the broad marketing concepts they could be faced with in industry. Everything from analysing client briefs to implementing marketing research projects and include aspects such as; questionnaire design, data collection, data analysis and client presentation. Not only will such projects enable students to apply knowledge developed throughout their university life, but develop a number of transferrable skills, which can be developed through the relevant experience we are able to offer. Our candidates will therefore be able to highlight the following qualities; team working, time management, presentation skills and communication skills to name a few. Students who do not study marketing, but have an interest can still get involved as we have a number of supporting academics who are willing and raring to help us along. Not long ago Sara Bird conducted our first workshop in understanding and analysing a client brief, which lead to outlining a marketing research strategy based on the client’s objectives. We are now in the process of planning our next workshop with Simon Jones to implement the next stage in this particular project with the UWE Students Union.

Julian BurrettOur members can also take full ownership of particular aspects of projects they want to get involved with. This enables them to detail on their CV what their role entailed, the skills developed and provide an outcome on a project they are able to involve themselves in, a vital conversational point for interviews we know our members will be able to reflect on passionately. Furthermore with our agency, client concept our members can strongly present the element of professionalism we instil in our societies goals.

The opportunities with our society do not stop there. Not only will our members develop desired transferrable skills and experience through the application of knowledge, but we are offering our members the opportunity to meet with industry leaders and hear of their stories. So far we have welcomed Julian Burrett, Creative Director at McCann Bristol and welcome Frank Hutton, Director at ADLIB recruitment specialists, who will be conducting his talk this week with a focus on placement and graduate jobs- certainly not to be missed. Such talks provide our members with the opportunity to get industry insight, ask those key questions that perhaps the career centre can’t answer, but perhaps more vitally, provide our members a fantastic networking opportunity with those established in industry (and you never know, employment prospects, particularly in Frank Hutton’s case!) and their fellow colleagues and peers whom are seeking similar career prospects.
There are also a number of other aspects our members can get involved with. This year we run our own website/blog: http://theuwemarketingsociety.weebly.com/blog.html and encourage our members to write and publish posts. We have just applied for the Better Together Fund to work on community projects in 2014 specific to marketing and with a close link to the CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) our members will have the opportunity to work with them on a number of events throughout the year.

Workshop 1

Of course when we work hard, we deserve to play hard with a number of successful socials already under our

belt and plenty more on the way. It’s never too late to join and at just £5 as you can see, there are endless benefits of being a Marketing Society member.

Keep in touch, FB: UWE Marketing Society, Twitter: @UWEMarketing14. Get involved: http://www.uwesu.org/soc/marketing/