Kaytie Mcfadden managed to grab a quick word with Jonathan Dimbleby at the Discuss Dementia Debate organised by BRACE at the ECC last night (review to follow in the next few days!) This is the advice he gave for students hoping to forge a career in Journalism.


“Firstly, keep trying. Don’t be put off by how difficult it is to get into the industry. Knock on one door, and if they say no then ask again, and if not then knock door number two. That’s how my dad did it. He wrote a letter to the BBC asking for a job as a reporter (at that time the BBC didn’t have any of their own reporters) they wrote back saying no, so he asked again. And they employed him – he was the BBC’s first reporter.

There is some horrible reporting out there, but you can’t be put off by that. Journalism is an important profession – an important trade. Who else is there to hold the government to account?!

Secondly, it doesn’t matter where you start, even as an intern. Just make sure that you’re in the industry and working hard. Even if you want to be a Guardian reporter and you’re just taking tea to people. Be involved, start out as a reporter for a local paper.”