‘Enlightenment is man’s emergence from his own self-incurred immaturity’ – Kant, 1784.

What about women?

So this week I’m writing in the knowledge that last week’s entry remained the most viewed. I’m ecstatic despite the fact that it took three long days to climb above the other articles. Writing a column is occasionally difficult, as honesty is a sticky topic. Thank God for the removal of Press Censorship on the 11th February 1695. I regularly find that studying History helps me in the modern world; understanding the many mistakes we made in the past helps you to comprehend humans (to some extent.) How far have we advanced from being ‘apes’? One barbaric invasion of my social media is the wonderful game, ‘neknomination.’ I had nothing against this until it became positively Darwinian. We thrive on competition, so now I’m witnessing lads worldwide beating their chests and ‘necking’ inexplicable substances such as raw meat and human feces. Move over Tarzan. I know I always say this, but on a serious note; help.

We all know definitions are good to check out. Barbaric has two:

  1. savagely cruel.
  2. primitive; unsophisticated.

Shall we question barbarism on a serious note? Probably not, it could be too depressing. This column should be PG rated, plus I cannot express how much I do not want to dedicate a column to neknomination; the game where people film themselves…consuming liquid. So I’ll stop this here; last time I checked, we had moved past the Enlightenment (life after barbarism.) If this is false and we are still in 400a.d. can somebody alert me please, because I spent an hour queuing in Marks and Sparks the other day to spend an uncivilized £4 on a pair of tights and change into them in a public toilet. With the extent of barbarism around currently, I should have ignored my laddered tights. There are clearly more problematic things to deal with, including still-learning to cook, writing a dissertation and running in this month’s weather. Medieval conditions are hard to deal with sometimes.

On the other hand, if any men are feeling too civilized this week, please grow a beard. I can only encourage you to do this with the opinion that beards make men 80% better looking. Do not listen to the lies Gillette adverts tell you, thanks. My own primitive barbarism comes in the form of @BabyAnimalPics. If you do not follow this on twitter, may I ask you what you are doing with your life. Apparently I have become addicted to looking at pictures of baby animals. This may be a reaction to the metaphorical swimming pool of work I recently jumped into. If you’re feeling adventurous, instead of ‘neknomination’, make a bucket-list for university. Keep it civilized and check out the bucket-list blog.