Whilst writing this column, I managed to burn rice (how), splash boiling water everywhere and get the pan stuck to the worktop. My flat-mate scraped the burn away to reveal actual wood; that rumor that women can multitask fabulously? Yeah. My week has been a lot like said work-surface; scraping away at the old dissertation has revealed cracks. In reference to last week’s column, Sunday involved a delightful encounter with a customer who told me that I needed to learn to read. Maybe this is where I am going wrong. Somebody else took her drink but I did call the names out correctly (although at one point I did say “Mard” instead of “Mark”; I don’t even know.) Alongside these events, I’ve run for the bus and missed it twice. This is awful considering I run like Phoebe from Friends, but with books. Events of this week have led me to realize; I can’t rely on being nice. “Manning-up” and getting stuff right is equally crucial. I’m going to buy an actual cook-book.

Would you rate your personality? Is your personality more Prada, or Poundland? People take more pride in their hair, cars and dogs. Hashtags allow people five words instead of 20. IPhones are the new meet-and-greet. Everybody can be the same, with different colored phone cases. It’s easy. Individual life-tools create superficial desires and nobody notices what you say. Visual matter has obstructed the power of words. Actions speak louder than words; Facebook likes, twitter-favorites and a good old follow on Instagram. #help

Looking around; it makes you wonder. Emotionally repressed Britain? No more sword fights or moral codes of “politeness”, the 18th century has long gone. Preferred now are binge-drinking and dirty pictures sent on Snapchat. The seven sins are still there, expressed in different formats. People haven’t advanced with technology, but technology masked our personalities.

Knowing so much about humans, it kills the buzz. Where is the mystery? In our share-all society, we’ve got humans down to a “T”. Open a book; you’ll find out which chemicals are making you feel that way. Attachment is merely hormones, aggression is a release of testosterone and love is a release of serotonin. Well now that we have standardized human behavior and given excuses for the actions we take, our personalities are efficiently masked.

Oh, the good news? Eventually personality filters through. In my opinion, it takes longer to truly know a person due to modern habits. Social media doesn’t give an accurate picture and there are many ways to standardize a personality via this. Alcohol may cover you temporarily, but eventually honesty will win the race. If we understand humans so well, what are we trying to hide?

Now that we’ve all entertained a basic principle, I’m going to reconcile my love affair with dry white wine and The Holiday (Jude Law). As an enlightened human-being (this is questionable); I’m trying to strike the balance between being practical and “having a heart.” Please remember to use your personality wisely.