…there was a princess. She lived at the top of a tall tower surrounded by thorns, roses and road-works. Education occupied her daily life from the age of five to 18, and as she sat on her throne with her tiara and textbooks beside her, she often wondered what the point was?

This week I have gone slightly mad. With little-to-no sleep and three deadlines, my reaction to Lily Allen’s new song was less than normal. No less than nine tweets later, and I am still not done. I will definitely be returning to this issue. I have spent the week applying for the prestigious Fulbright Awards to go to the States. This is the best thing I have ever done even if I don’t win. Feeling slightly more like the empowered woman I mentioned last week. Even told the man at the post office what it was. Sleep-deprived Erica should not be let out. By the time you read this I will be sitting my Graduate Record Examination to apply to university. At some point, this may also be read by said university. For the record, I am a serious History undergraduate who rarely gets distracted by menial issues like shoes, men and drug-dealing television. Help.

The Princess had been wrapped in cotton wool for an age, sheltered in The Tower from the dangers of the real world. She lived in a different world. In this fairytale people were friendly; complete strangers would say hello on the streets, on buses and in cafes. Honesty was everywhere, if someone dropped their change; it got back to them and given straight to a homeless person.

When she finally joined the real world, she realized the fatal flaw in human beings; selfishness. Have we moved past it? She continued to doll out money, time and love whenever it was needed, but she found herself exhausted, and in trouble with those back at The Tower. She learnt from her lessons and grew up; deciding not to hate this world, but to love it for who it is.

The only thing left to deal with was communication. The Princess didn’t understand why the people outside the Tower behaved the way they did. She often judged them wrong, and so decided to remain mute. In not knowing the Codes of Judgment, the Princess got herself in many bad situations. When she managed to find her voice, her words only seemed to cause chaos and upset. She wished to be back in her tower. Here, she could forget about whether people were unhappy or not. Prince Charming was continually late and a bit useless. The Princess knew the Codes of Judgment didn’t approve, but she wanted a new Prince.

The Princess hated the way she’d become, and the fact that she was aware of it. Why was she accepting this real world? She promised herself she would remain honest, regardless of the Codes of Judgment or opinions back at the Tower. There would be no more kissing frogs, or sleeping on peas. The Princess was determined to bring some of her world to the real world.

Never be afraid to be yourself, and don’t wait for Prince Charming to rescue you. That’s what education, the NHS and equality laws were made for. Look on the bright side; Rapunzel probably didn’t have many good hair days.