“You do know what a bond is? It’s a strong force of attraction; Covalent bonds, Ionic bonds; the coming together of atoms and molecules to form compounds. Chemical bonds are what make matter, matter. Bonds are what hold the physical world together…”

This week I got addicted to Breaking Bad; the phenomenal US show. I, like many others resisted the addiction, in fact I still think I’m not addicted to it but here I am; writing about it. I do have an “addictive personality” as I smoked for three years but I like to think I learnt self-control when I gave up a year ago. I learnt midweek (after several vivid nightmares concerning my dad having cancer and various references to drug-dealing) that addiction gets you in one way or another. People told me it was as addictive as crystal meth itself. Now I’d like to confirm that whilst I wouldn’t have the personal experience to make this assumption, I find myself waking up to Breaking Bad, and sleeping on it. I’d advise everybody to try it. The show that is, not crystal meth.

Now as much as I’d love to bore you with a review of the show that is just a little bit genius, that’s not what I’m here to do. The above quote (Season 2, Episode 7 if you’re interested), struck me. Chemistry: explosions, fusions and various other connotations. What appears in your head when you hear the word? Is it just a science? You can’t beat chemistry. It always wins unless you’ve got the formula wrong. In this sense, it’s stronger than humans, riddled with emotions. Love? Based on chemistry.

Chemistry in this sense is a mixture of three ingredients; desire, lust and a shared perception. I don’t believe Chemistry exists unrequited, no bond would occur. For Chemistry to occur both people should feel it, otherwise it is simply attraction, or idealism.

Chemistry ruins many marriages. The periodic table of elements can interfere when a husband or wife meets somebody who they share a greater spark with. Chemistry ruins jobs and the ability to concentrate and it ruins friendships, due to behavior it ignites under the covers and the creation of new bonds. Yes, once an explosion occurs things are in ruins. Chemistry causes irreversible molecular change.

Chemistry is unique. You can’t fake it or force it, but you can do your homework. Once you understand it, you learn what you can do with it. Fear causes many not to conduct experiments; life is short so it should be sweet? I’m not going to pull the YOLO card but Chemistry shouldn’t go to waste. It’s the most exciting scientific discipline out there (sorry to all biologists and physicists- you obviously do wonderful things).

Nothing feels better than chemistry. It can be uncomfortable but only when you’re testing elements. That “spark” people find hard to define is not like much else. The magnetic pull is almost instant and draws you in, but being stuck with somebody when that spark has gone is like two magnets repelling. Usually when one person wants to stay it’s because they’re remembering the spark (the human memory is a powerful thing). There is no logical way to define this spark. Divorce, affairs and crystal meth; chemistry always wins.

N.B. Always wear a lab coat and goggles. Experimenting can lead to disease and unwanted nappies.