In this bleak and often depressing world of ours, it is important for us to seek those more light-hearted news stories. This one comes courtesy of the basement dwelling trolls over at 4chan.

Our story begins with one Shia LaBeouf. The former Even Stevens actor turned moron has gone rather off the rails in recent years. In addition to starring in a third Transformers film, he also rocked up to a red-carpet event with a paper bag on his head, chased a homeless man in the street and urinated on the wall of a restaurant. I’ll let you decide which of these four is the most embarrassing.

Following the inauguration of Donald Trump, LaBeouf began a livestream which mainly involved him shouting “he will not divide us” into a camera with fellow anti-Trump protesters. After a few weeks and numerous unwelcome gate crashers, LaBeouf decided to relocate the live stream to an undisclosed location. Gone were the dozens of fellow protesters. All that was visible on the camera was a flag with his slogan on it and the sky in the background.

But this is just the beginning of our tale.

It turns out that some 4chan users are actually quite skilled detectives. It also seems that many of them have a lot of spare time on their hands. With this combination of assets, they decided to embark on what has to be greatest game of capture the flag ever played.

Having previously been spotted at a restaurant in Greeneville, Tennessee, the 4channers were able to narrow down their search. However, this still left them with a huge area to cover. Their next step was to examine the vapour trails of the planes in the sky. At one point two of the trails overlapped each other. By going on to flight radar websites, they could see the previous paths of aeroplanes that had flown over that area. They then managed to locate where exactly the planes had crossed over, thus refining the search even more.

Next up, they looked to the stars. They located the North Star on the stream in relation to various other stars and managed to pin point almost exactly where the camera and flag were positioned. Then came the final stage. One user who was local to the area set out in his car, sounding the horn for the livestream viewers to listen out for. The more clearly they could hear it, the closer he was. A short while later, the site was located. In true 4chan style, the flag was taken down and replaced with Trump hat and a t-shirt with Pepe the Frog on it. The game was up; LaBeouf had been defeated.

I must admit, it’s a sad state of affairs when trolling becomes such an integral part of our society. However, in this instance the sheer hilarity of the situation makes it somewhat more acceptable. Either way, congratulations to all those at 4chan who made this happen. Although maybe next time you could try putting your skills to better use.

By Freddie Gough