Hannah Williams believes the killer clowns phase is a fad which is wasting everyone’s money and time. Over the last month, the killer clown craze has been bombarding our social media sites mostly in the form of video and has even caught the attention of national news.

While some may find it funny and some may find it fitting for the time of year, others are rolling eyes believing it is dangerous and scary.

The pranksters20141027_clown05_various were laughed at when they started making appearances in America in the run-up t
o Halloween. But when some started chasing and assaulting the public, it became no laughing matter.

They aren’t necessarily more scary or dangerous because they are called “killer” (writers have been advised to call them scary clowns as they haven’t killed anyone yet- this was later changed after the knife attack in Sweden) clowns, but what they are is a waste of emergency resources.

Police have been putting in reports up and down the UK, particularly of clowns walking around holding knives. The clowns are making people scared, causing distress and wasting taxpayer’s money on this fad. The police have said potential offenders may be committing a public order offence.

Whether it is a joke or not, the consequences are real. They are stupid acts that shouldn’t be fashionable anymore and are a source of risk to public safety, not to mention a distraction from the more important issues in our nation today.


By Hannah Williams