Will Pitts tells WesternEye what he expects from his first Freshers week…

It’s on the tip of a lot of tongues and the cusp of a lot of lips right now: the convoluted hybrid of excitement and terror that embrace and exchange with each other like a sixteen year old couple home alone for the first time. The tremulous thrill of new found freedom, the fear of independence and solitude, the predominant urge to explore and create the foundations of the future, these are some of the characteristics that define living alone for the first time.

I’m 18, but sometimes I see the date and think “Jeez, I thought it was still 2010, I should be at school in music class with Ms Frankcom.” I’m not 5 foot tall anymore, my voice is considerably deeper and I’ve got hair in all kinds of places, but part of me still feels like a kid. It’s almost like I’ve come straight out of fifth period P.E. into my own flat with a group of people I barely know, in a city I barely know, but still doing similar things. I imagine the comfort that gives varies, some being relieved to have some kind of a familiar structure still in place. For me, the ever-present education and the glass of whiskey make me feel uncomfortable, the lingering reminder of the life I left behind to pursue… Well, more of the same, only for £9000 a year. The leap out of the life I perceived as ordinary is truly terrifying, and the little similarities only act to remind me of how out of my depth I am. I’m not supposed to be that kid anymore. I have to fend for myself.

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Yet, of the infinite possible things that could go wrong, of the multitude of problems that could arise in the near future, of every ounce of the aforementioned terror that floats around my mind like a hornet in a houseboat, I’ve found that the excitement shines through beyond the darkness of the unknown and the may-happens. It might be that the optimist that sat in Ms Davies’ class is rearing his naive little head again, but the beauty of the surroundings and the challenge of the journey completely overrule the irritating buzzing of the hornet that plagues my thoughts. Of course there’s going to be trials and tribulations, sometimes life is going to be straight up against us. Despite that, I genuinely believe in the perseverance people are capable of.

I’m a pessimist, a cynic through and through, but I wholeheartedly believe that after the first week everyone will wonder why they were even worried. Like a pair of sixteen year olds, we’ll fumble around in the dark, stumbling and laughing through the little mishaps and missteps, but we’ll get there in the end. For some, it’ll be everything they imagined. For others, a tough path of discovery. But we’re all in the same boat, and we’ll get through it together.

By Will PItts