On Friday 26Th September 2014, the House of Commons voted in favour for British military to intervene against Islamic State in Iraq. Whilst Britain is only currently intervening militarily in Iraq, David Cameron strongly hinted this weekend that forces could be used over Syria as well.


Now what does this mean for British society and what will the effects of this action be. Since I have begun writing this, RAF planes have officially launched their campaign against IS in Northern Iraq, due to Parliament backing military action.

When British military action is called for anywhere in the world we all take a deep breath, try and look for the facts and question, negatively mostly, the decision behind sending British Military over seas to a fight that has nothing to do with us. However the truth is Islamic State is something to be worried about. Islamic State is a world-wide problem. This was proven to us when the USA started carrying out missile strikes against IS in Iraq in mid-August. And now we have French fighter jets leading strikes in Iraq as well as Belgium and Denmark also sending planes.

As a British citizen I am 100 per cent behind the vote declaring the British military need to take action in Iraq and Syria. We cannot sit by and watch a group of extremists cause so much damage and misery while other countries fight and try to stop them. It simply doesn’t work. I believe that every country needs to join together to fight IS because they are not only a threat to Iraq and Syria, but they are a threat to whole world.

The British press have begun to print propaganda spouting about a new war. The Guardian set their headline as ‘Bombing to start in hours as MP’s back new Iraq war’ and the Daily Mirror read; ‘Back to Iraq…..And it’ll cost £3bn’. I completely understand some people’s opinion that this is not the right choice as it is not our fight and the costs out way the benefits. But as I stated earlier in the article and I will state again because it is the main focus of everything the IS are doing. The IS are a worldwide threat that need to be stopped. It’s as simple as that.

The British Government are not the best when it comes to making good decisions for British society. However this time I believe that this is a decision that will not only help those in Iraq and Syria but will benefit the world as a whole. As IS is not something to take lightly and despite the headlines of ‘Britain goes to war, again’, military strikes are needed to help stop such an extremist force. Britain cannot sit and watch other countries help fight a cause that needs every country to come together and put a stop to Islamic State.