By Stacey­-Joanne­ Byles.

So, by now we’re well into Uni, it’s the beginning of the second term and all you freshers should know Bristol and UWE fairly well by now. But… the ever burning question of why you chose to leave your home town and study at The University of the West of England still remains.

You have chosen to leave the comforts of Mother’s washing, cooking and cleaning and of course a city full of friends. Is it because Bristol and The University of the West of England is awesome? Or because Bristol has been voted the top UK place to live for four years in a row?

No?  Must be because UWE scored a 621 overall student satisfaction rating out of 1,000, or is it because nearly 85% of students graduate with a degree? Or because UWE scored as ‘Excellent’ in the teaching assessment programme? Still no?

 We know why we love UWE, of course it’s all about the ratios: the boy-girl ratios equate to  44% boys to 56% girls, get in there fellas! With a combine total of 28,197 UWE students the boys win! That makes for 3,384 more girls than boys in UWE cha ching! But in all seriousness you MUST have come to UWE for the 600+ courses available, the four campuses, the great mass of job opportunities available for students and the unbelievable teaching. Ahh got there in the end! Why would you go anywhere else?

Speaking to 23 year old Environmental Science student, Aisha de ‘Silva from Brighton, we can understand why students travel from all over the UK and abroad to study at UWE and live in Bristol. Aisha fell in love with the, ‘farmer accent’ and of course ‘Justin Lee Collins is her absolute fav.’

 UWE was also ‘the only University which catered to her degree needs, Environmental Science is perfect and to be studying my chosen degree in Bristol is out of this world.’

 Aisha goes on to say that, ‘her love for Bristol is ever growing, its full of incredibly weird, cool and individual people, I love that fact that Banksy is from Bristol and nearly collapsed when I saw his art on Park Street. The shopping is fab and the nightlife is extremely messy! Got to love Bristol for that. As for UWE I love it, simple, everyone is so lovely, Frenchay Campus is wicked, my course is unbelievably perfect, along with the all the friends I have met. It’s now my second year and it’s been the best two years ever, the lectures are brilliant, the learning aspects are crazily good and the range of food is simply divine! Big up UWE, Bristol and Environmental Science. Couldn’t ask for much more in life!

Being voted 58th best University out of 124 in 2013, ‘aint too shabby’ we are estimated for an increase to a poll position of 56th this year. We know in our own UWE hearts we’ll always be number one! Happy New year guys and happy learning.