Kevin MoroskyBy Danielle Scregg

With the busy end of term submissions, the sigh of relief once it had all been handed in and the excitement of returning home for Christmas, I had forgotten all about this piece. With a reminder from the editor I began the task of finding a photographer I felt worthy of writing and sharing with readers. Turning to a favourite website, Dazed Digital, I found photographer Kevin Morosky.

Morosky is a London based photographer who co founded the company Gloria Loves Valentine with Daren Montague. He has described the company as a gang who throws up cameras and paintbrushes rather than gang signs. Striking out against ‘spoiled rich kids and arse-lickers with no talent’ the company is made up of a group of young creatives who have a passion for photography and videography.

Morosky has photographed celebrities Misha Barton, Billy Piper, Kelly Rowland and Ashley Madekwe. Most recently he has produced an online series titled Start a War which is his way of transforming a song written by some of his close friends We The Committee into visual imagery.

The song is also called ‘Start a War’ and depicts the troubles that can occur whilst in a relationship with someone who isn’t right for you. How leaving them for the unknown is a struggle.

tumblr_mdpquhiQJm1rlwse4o1_1280I imagine many people go through this whilst in a relationship. You don’t quite know how you managed without this person and can’t envision a point were you are fine without them.

Morosky’s pictures depict a flawed love. Imperfect but the girl loves the love that she is in. She cannot escape or leave it because the lines between doing better or settling for what she has have merged. She no longer knows who she truly is without her man and doesn’t know who she could be.

His images are erotic yet painful. In some photographs you can see the sadness in the girls eyes but in others you can see the longing for her tattooed lover that she can’t leave behind.

In the photograph of them facing each other, the guy seems happy and the girl looks as though she is remembering why she is fighting for the relationship. The glimmer of laughter makes up for all the fighting and sadness.

The close up shots add interest to the photographs. The shapes of the body are explored and tension is pouring out of the images, reminding me of personal relationship tragedies and blessings. I can feel the war that is going on in the girl’s head. Thinking how to escape and survive but worrying about the loss of all she knows.

He uses extremely narrow depth of field in some of his photographs which creates mystery. The blurred imagery may connote the girls unsure feelings and thoughts. It makes the photographs softer inventing sorrow and sadness feelings towards the couple.

The colouring to the photographs also compliments the theme of the song’s lyrics. It is soft and pale which makes sure their is no energetic or lively feeling to the photographs.

I am glad I turned to Dazed Digital to find this young photographer. I think he is very talented at not only taking photographs, but telling a story and depicting feelings from his subjects by using various technical techniques.

All photos courtesy of Kevin Morosky