For the past few weeks you have found yourself sat at home, on your own on a Saturday night; surrounded by library books and barely legible lecture notes at least once. It might feel like a lame way to spend your weekend, and you might feel like you’re missing out; but it is the best time to study. You have the house to yourself and you plan on taking full advantage of the quiet. On Saturday night this was my housemates plan. At eight in the evening I left her at the kitchen table with a pen, pad and her laptop at the ready. Fully intending on revising while I went to a Eurovision party.

However a few hours later her plan was ruined. The peaceful flat that housed the perfect study conditions was destroyed, as I drunkenly stumbled through the door; announcing my entrance with a very loud, very slurred ‘honey I’m home’. Usually this greeting would be met with her own slurred retort, however her staying in to revise also meant her not drinking. Therefore I carried on the night in drunken ignorance, oblivious to her desire for me to shut up and go to bed. Unfortunately I had other plans, plans that involved food, more drinking, which was soon thrown out when I realized I was close to throwing up, and watching a movie. Obviously these plans all involved her presence.

So not only had I disrupted her revision, invaded her study space, but I was also stealing a good nights sleep by forcing her to stay up and watch Clueless with me.

This morning I woke up with an unquenchable need for water, and a deep feeling of guilt. Of course my housemate did not hate me too much, but she had every right to hate me. These last few weeks are crucial to any student; the exam period is where all our hard work pays off. Although the end is near, it’s not here yet, so try to be mindful of your housemates. There is nothing worse than having your sleep disrupted the night before an exam; or after spending hours trying to summon the motivation to revise, having your study session interrupted. At the end of the day, the last thing you need is a drunken idiot ruining all your revision progress.

So next time you go out, leaving your housemate to their books try to remember that they have exams, and not everybody is awake at three in the morning.