By now most of you have returned home for the Easter break. You have been enjoying all the home cooked meals you have been missing. You have stocked up on all the luxury items that you can’t afford at university, like brand named cereal, Heinz tomato ketchup, and toilet paper that doesn’t fall apart in your hand. You will have spent the past week visiting family and catching up with friends. You will have heard countless stories of birthday parties you weren’t able to attend, the nights out, and all the family occasions that you have missed because you had lectures that day, or couldn’t afford to get home. You will have also spent your week repeating the same phrase over and over again, ‘sorry I missed it’.

And you are, you wish you could have been there; but you moved away to get your degree. You shouldn’t have to apologies; it’s not your fault you couldn’t be there. It shouldn’t matter if you missed a birthday or family barbeque, the important thing is that you’re there now, or if you have just returned to Bristol after a weekend at home at least you went home for a quick visit.

Due to work commitments and university assignments neither me nor my brother were able to attend my mothers birthday in February, or mothers day, and unfortunately we are also both going to miss Easter weekend. So last Friday we decided to visit our parents for the first time since Boxing Day and celebrate all three events in one weekend. On Friday we celebrated my mothers birthday, on Saturday we took her out for a mothers day meal and on Sunday we declared it to be Easter Sunday. The day was complete with lamb roast; Easter presents and a childish egg hunt that quickly turned into a vicious game of sibling rivalry, ending with bruises and stolen eggs. We may be in our twenties but egg hunts are a perfectly acceptable form of entertainment. When the real Easter Sunday arrives I will be at a friends house celebrating with them, as my housemates will be away; while my brother celebrates with his housemates in Kent.

Not being able to celebrate an event with your family doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate later on in the year, even if it is two months late. If you aren’t able to get home for Easter, have a roast with your friends or housemates instead; you could even have a good old-fashioned egg hunt, just remember if you get hurt it’s your own fault.