This weekend the last of my housemates returned from their Easter break, which means exam period is starting. Has everybody got a pen, an extra pen, and another extra pen, just in case? Good, now lets talk exams.

Lets face it nobody likes exams, and if anybody says they do wait until next week when it’s 3am and they have an exam that starts in 6 hours and they are having trouble remembering their own name. Because that’s what exams do to you. You might have the best memory in the world, but as soon as you open your paper, your brain decides to take a nap and you’re stuck flipping through the questions praying there is one you can blag your way through. Half way through you start looking around the room hoping that other people are in as much distress as you. And then suddenly, the invigilator, who has been standing so close to you that you can feel his breath on your neck, announces that you have five minutes remaining, and you have written nothing. Your paper is blank, your palms start sweating, the walls start closing in, and that’s when you notice, you’re not wearing any clothes…Wait, that might have been a dream I had last night. Either way, exams are stressful. But unfortunately they are also unavoidable, no matter what you will face at least one exam in your time at university. All you can do is try to not panic and make the exam period as bearable as it can be.

There are different ways in which you can survive exam period. Mainly study. But there are different ways in which you can study.

The first is to sit down and make a study plan. Plan your subjects and time wisely, allowing for breaks and social time. This has to be executed weeks before the exam.

If you aren’t good with sticking to timetables then maybe a reward scheme might help with your studies. Plan you time around a T.V program or a party. Alternatively you can put a piece or chocolate or a sweet at the end of a chapter or whatever notes you are reading. Having something to work towards can provide an effective way to keep your studying on track, and prevent your mind from wondering too much.

If you find yourself distracted by things in your room, like Facebook, a book, the fact that your desk chair spins, you could always study with friends. This would not only prevent you from doing all the stupid things you would usually do to distract yourself, like colour in your arm, but you could also test each other on a certain subject. That way you can ensure that you are actually retaining the information and not just looking at words on a page.

Or you could always wait till the night before and hope for the best.

If all else fails you can stay in bed with a hot water bottle, eat chocolate and cry until it’s over, much like an actual period.

Whichever way you choose to help you survive the exam period, make sure you try to keep calm, don’t stress yourself out to much or you won’t get anything done. And remember it will all be over soon.