Remember when you were still in high school, or college, and you were picking out your university, dreaming of what your first year would be like. The months leading up to moving into your new student accommodation were filled with unanswered questions. Would you become best friends with your housemates? What if they hated you? What if they were messy? What if they thought you were messy? What if they killed you in your sleep?

Okay so maybe that last one was a little dramatic, but so was the anticipation of living with complete strangers. The fear of the unknown is a powerful tool for the adolescent imagination. Luckily for most of us this fear didn’t last long, and before we knew it we were moving our stuff in and meeting the dreaded strangers. Now you have been living with your housemates for several months and you have all become comfortable with each other, comfortable enough to show your true personality. You are suddenly reminded of all the types of people you hoped you would not be living with. The stoner who spends most of his time smoking weed in his room and stealing your food, the couple that have really loud sex when you have a 9am lecture, and a 3000 word essay due in the next day, and the worst housemates of all…Those girls.

The girls who seem to bond in the first week and haven’t left each other’s side since, apart from the rare occasion they actually attend their lectures. The girls who can be heard before they are seen, whose voices echo through the building upon arrival. The girls who seem to have an endless supply of energy, the preppy girls in the movies who are everyone knows as ‘those girls’. We have all met them, and we all share the same unadulterated distain for them.

Fortunately for me I am one half of who are considered as ‘those girls’ in my flat. My housemate and I both have loud voices, and an unmistakable laugh; unfortunately alcohol increases our volumes, and diminishes our scene of balance. We can be alone but we choose instead to leave our bedroom doors open in order to talk, or shout, to each other whilst we study. We will spend hours watching obscene programs, which make us scream when uncomfortable, and throw us into fits of uncontrollable laughter every two minutes. Last week we were found in our hallway at 12pm laughing at a picture we saw online. To our housemates we apologies for being ‘those girls’, and ask you to remember that it could be worse.