In a few short months we will be faced with the end of our second, and for many of us our final term. The majority will be making plans to work, or travel over the summer before once again returning to lecture theaters for another year of studying. Others will be making plans for their future, applying for jobs or internships that will make their years at UWE worthwhile. Whether you are graduating or returning to finish your degree you will need a place to live.

This time of year is when you will be spending hours looking at houses, deciding if the landlord is trustworthy and most importantly who to live with.

I myself will be graduating this summer, and although I have yet to make any formal plans for what I will be doing after graduation, I have decided whom I want to live with, should I have the opportunity to stay in Bristol.

Over the course of the past few months you will have made new friends, and grown closer to those you didn’t know before September. You may have also fallen out with those you never dreamed you would ever fall out with. In first year, living in student accommodation you will have been forced to live with strangers, some of whom will now be your best friends, others you will be glad to see the back of.

Some of you may already have plans as to who you will be living with; others may have not given it much thought. When picking your housemates, choose wisely. Pick people you get on with, people who you see yourself enjoying your time with. They may not be your best friend, just because you are best friends doesn’t mean they are the person you wish to live with. A friend of mine moved in with her best friends last year, and within months she couldn’t believe she was ever friends with them. I’m not saying living with your best friends is a bad idea, my housemates from last year were best friends and living together only made us stronger. Go in with an open mind, if you have high expectations of your soon to be housemates you may be disappointed. So my advice is not to put too much pressure on having the perfect housemates, have the housemates you will have fun get along with.

Remember you never really know someone until you live with them.