After a week away from Bristol, I finally arrived back to my parent free flat, and have been reunited with my friends, and my housemates. Even though we have been living together for the past two months, tonight was the first time we had all sat in the same room together. We have been out together in different groups, but never the six of us. This is common for housemates, due to everyone having a different schedule and work pattern. Now the thing that brought the six of us into our common room was the cleaning.

For those of you who have been reading my column each week, you will remember a couple of weeks ago I wrote about a note left on our kitchen table, regarding a cleaning rota under the title, ‘To clean, or not to clean’. For those who are reading my column for the first time, scroll down and read my previous columns.

Have you read it? Good! Now whilst the cleaning was an issue two weeks ago, it still seemed to be on our minds. Today however, we rectified our cleaning problems. We all sat down and discussed a list of jobs that we felt needed to be done; there were more jobs than I first thought. After the jobs were set out we wrote them on pieces of paper and picked a job each through random selection.  This way no one was unfairly stuck with what might be considered a bad job, such as cleaning the toilets or taking out the bins. Personally I don’t mind taking out the bins, it’s quick, and if you do it weekly and the house recycle properly it isn’t as dirty as it could be.

So if you are still having disputes about whose pulling their weight or not, maybe sit down and discuss jobs and divide them out. And remember many hands make light work!


By Laura Howe