It’s now been a few weeks since you moved into your new home. Everything has been going well. Your housemates are friendly and you love all the new experiences that university has to offer. But there is one problem that is keeping you up at night. One problem you find yourself complaining to your parents about. But don’t worry it’s not just you; this issue has been around since the invention of in-door plumbing. Those of you without the luxury of an en-suite will have already guessed what I’m talking about…Yes, the on going argument of who has and who has not put toilet paper in the communal bathroom.


You might be reading this and can already feel you blood boil, because you’ve already put 12 rolls in the bathroom and now it’s gone; and no one has replaced it. But that was two days ago, so you have resorted to keeping a stash hidden in your room and taking it with you when nature calls.


Now lets be honest this requires effort on your part, especially if you’re cooking and you have to walk all the way back to your room to get a roll. This might work for some, but I’m sure there are those of you who don’t like having to walk those extra steps when the bathroom is just next-door, or at the other end of the hall. If this is you then you might want to just talk to your housemates. Ask them to put a pack in the bathroom. Maybe even write up a Rota for whose turn it is to buy loo roll. This isn’t an unacceptable suggestion on your behalf, lets be fair, we all use toilet roll.


By Laura Howe