So you’ve finally made it to university, you’ve arrived at your new house, your parents have said goodbye, and you’ve unpacked all your stuff. Now what.

Well now would be the perfect time to meet your new housemates. But it all seems too quiet; you haven’t seen or heard anyone all day. So you sit in your room watching Netflix or trawling Facebook, getting more and more worried that this is what the rest of your year is going to be like. However, this doesn’t have to be the case.

Whilst you are sat in your room waiting for that knock on your door, followed by a friendly “hello, let’s be friends”, so are your housemates. Don’t wait for them to make the first move. Chances are they’re waiting for someone else to make that horrifying journey across the hall and into uncharted territory.

For those of you who moved in a while ago and think it’s now become too late to make any more contact with your housemate than an awkward greeting as you accidentally walk into the kitchen whilst they’re cooking: Fear not, you still have a chance to become bosom buddies. Instead of sitting in your room to eat, spend as much time in the communal areas as possible. By doing this you will quickly find your housemates following your lead; everybody has to eat right? Soon enough you will be cooking and eating together, and eventually socializing together.

My final words of advice to surviving these awkward first weeks are, remember that everyone is in the same situation. You are all in a new house, with new faces and not knowing what kind of people you live with. So just breathe, relax; and invite them out as much as possible.


By Laura Howe