Emma and I have been desperate to go out for a classy cocktail night in Clifton, as it hosts an array of swanky bars and is the part of Bristol that we both want to end up living in.


We started this night at the SU after a last minute decision for me not to drive back to oxford. I called Emma and suggested dinner and drinks at the SU to celebrate me handing in my dissertation (Emma was handing hers in the next morning). I had tempted Emma by telling her that the SU were having a cider festival that day, however much to our disappointment we soon found out that I had got the days mixed up. As we were now looking forward to a few drinks and were disappointed by the a) lack of cider and b) lack of people, we decided to get a bus to Clifton and start on the cocktails.

Emma suggested one of her favourite cocktail bars called ‘Papajis’, which offer 2 4 1, and have a casual and friendly atmosphere. Judging by the selfies/snapchats that we took at the SU, we were well on our way to being drunk before we even headed into town. At Papajis we ordered two pornstar martinis and my ‘usual’- a mojito. And after drunkenly snapchatting my mum (yes my mum does have snapchat) we headed further into town to meet a few friends. It seems that whenever we go out for a ‘quiet one’ on a Wednesday night, we end up staying out till four in the morning. This was no exception, after a few more bars we headed to our favourite on a Wednesday – OMG, where we ended up watching a drag show and being held hostage by a taxi man on the way home.


In the morning, a sleepy drive over to St Matts at 10am occurred, as Emma had her dissertation binding appointment. After waiting for 15 minutes for the guy to turn up, we soon forgave him as he explained how hung-over he was, having spent the previous night at OMG too.