Being a bright-eyed, 18-year-old country girl, in first year the rumours of the ‘Cori Tap’ have always stuck with me. Every year I’d vow to myself to go to the city’s local cider house and try its strongest own brewed cider.

This my friends, was finally the year.bl4

The Coronation Tap, located just down from Clifton Suspension Bridge, sells a variety of ciders to tantalise your taste buds, the Exhibition, exclusive to the ciderhouse can only be purchased in half pints. Disgrace, I hear you say? Well, apparently not, I only had one and a half pints of this strong yet delicious cider and I well and truly felt its effects. Either that, or it was where I had to down the third half due to a coin being tossed into my glass and having to ‘God, save the Queen’.

bl6 bl7


Sarah and I decided to make a night of it and invited a selection of wonderful people to join us. With the accompaniment of delightful live soulful music to serenade our tipsy antics it was a rather sophisticated third-year night out.bl8

A sophisticated night which, of course, can only end stuffing one of the lads in the car boot and drunken singing Snapchat videos along to Madonna’s Greatest Hits which Sarah so happened to have ‘just lying around’ in her car.