–   ‚I thought the dream-space would be all about the visual, but it’s more about the feeling.’


Dreams are powerful mechanisms. They take over your consciousness while you are unconscious. Dreams challenge your imagination. When we are asleep our mind can do almost anything. Dreams expose and dreams guard our secrets. But can they turn against us, too? Can they run our subconscious while we are awake? Are we awake when we think we are?

Inception (2010) is a typical Hollywood movie. Guns, fire, explosions, toying with law and order and of course- the effects. If we look past all that however, the storyline that has the potential to drive us mad. Not so much while the action happens but rather when it ends.

The leader of the world in this film is Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio). He performs the art of extraction like no one else; used to perform it like no one else. With a newly developed system he and his team are able to create the dreams of others. They make use of this to step into the non-real world and search for information the subconscious hides away.

Dom carries the thought of his dead wife with him. And the moving images of his kids. All the time. And he can’t hide them. So he needs a new architect for his next, final job. Somebody new to build a dream. Somebody to help him with planting an idea into the subconscious.

This movie plays with the different levels of the human’s mind. It’s dangerous. The mind hides many secrets and yet – sometimes they appear on the surface. The mind can carry paradoxes; can create entire worlds while we are asleep. At some point it may become difficult to distinguish between reality and dream. A memory suddenly becomes the fearless danger of your subconscious. You may think you are in control; but that’s barely the case. You do not have control over your subconscious. The subconscious has control over you. It would take something external to make your mind aware of that it is being tricked.

If one was to plant an idea, one has to go down deep enough and one has to trick the subconscious to make the dream real.

Inception requires your mind’s full attention – you won’t be able to track what is real and what is not if you don’t control your mind.

Bit exaggerated? Explain the last shot.