‚I’m keeping him.’



You are alone, afraid and 3 Million light years away from home. Your curiosity leads you away from known safety and directs you into the lights of strangers, silhouettes are all you can grasp. Would you cope like E.T? The plant-like alien, seeking for a way to simply phone home.

E.T is Spielberg’s classic masterpiece from 1982. This film brings together both, terrestrial and extra-terrestrial beings and examines perceptions of what is unknown. As human beings, we fear the unknown and alien to us – but are we ourselves something scary, alien and strange?

When a group of aliens is exploring the earth, one little specimen goes on to discover on it’s own. Driven by curiosity, it gets carried away with what to find close by. When mysterious, black figures disrupt the scene, the UFO sails off in panic, leaving one friend behind. This is how this magical story begins. One could say its fate which brings Elliot and E.T. together. A boy and his alien friend. A boy who appears to be closer to the unknown than anyone else. They connect on another level as they realise that their paths follow a distinctly similar route. The path leading home…

The beauty of this film is portrayed through the friendship of E.T and Elliot (Henry Thomas). Both of them somehow appearing as the ‘special one’, developing an understanding for each other that creates more and more trouble.

Steven Spielberg decided to shoot the majority of this film from the eye-level of a child to connect further with the main protagonists – with success. We get drawn in by E.T’s face, which was modelled after the poet Carl Sandburg, Albert Einstein and a pug dog, and can sympathise with Elliot who is thrilled about teaching his new friend about life.

Elliot connects with E.T’s feelings, he is loosing control when E.T is, finding himselfhappy when E.T is. If the alien heart wouldn’t beat anymore, the human heart wouldn’t either. It is the sense of caring for each other that makes the happy ending of Spielberg’s movie. The power of love that makes a heart start beating again, after it was suppressed by fear of the alien.

This movie is iconic within the film industry. When you think of a bike with a basket placed in front of it, flying by the moon, what do you see? Exactly. And when you read the phrase  ‘phone home.’, which voice are you reading it in? There you go. Iconic.