In April this year the Huffington Post produced an article disputing the theory that it takes 21 days for something to become routine. Instead they believe, in agreement with an article in the Guardian, that it can take anything from 18- 254 days for a person to form a habit.  Living with other people you will find that you have all created different habits throughout the year.

There are some habits that develop with your consent, such as smoking, drinking, drugs, drinking coffee. We’ve all read the leaflets, we’ve all heard the ‘just say no’ talks. We know these things are addictive and will become a habit, but a lot of us do it anyway.

Other Habits are created without us being aware that it’s happening. We don’t realize they exist until we stop doing it. Sitting in a certain seat during a lecture, using the same machines at the gym, going home and watching television at a certain time; are all unconsciously formed habits. These habits are harder to break, as we do not have the time to prepare for the fall out. You will eventually find yourself back in the routine once the disturbance is no longer there.

Over the past year my housemate and I have gotten into the habit of watching a film, or show we both enjoy together; we will spend the whole time discussing and criticising on the show. However she moved back home for the summer, just in time for the return of Orange is the New Black. This meant I watched the first two episodes on my own, in silence, feeling out of place and not understanding why. Last night we watched a few episodes at the same time. We weren’t in the same house but we spent the whole time commenting on the shows content via texts and snapchat. Another habit that we formed was going to Asda at midnight to buy snacks, or ice-cream; we only went to the shops together during the day once.  We would then stay up until 4 am talking about everything and nothing. I still stay up till 4am talking about everything and nothing, it’s just now there’s no one to actually hear what I’m saying.

These habits took months to become a part of my routine. There are habits that you may find yourself having to break because you or your housemates have moved back home for the summer. It may take you a few months to break these habits. So be patient if you find yourself craving dominos on a Tuesday night because that was part of your house routine, then order a pizza and snapchat your housemate. Your family may think your new habits are weird, but as long as your not hurting anybody how cares. It’s your life and you may find the memory of the routines comforting; especially if you find yourself in your house on your own when your housemates leave for the summer.