Sunny Saturday marked the start of the countdown to the beginning of real life, post-university; I found myself inconveniently experiencing a magnetic pull to Topshop, and away from revision. I did not manage to hi-jack the water slide, but instead found myself watching When Harry Met Sally for the 394294539th time; this is what happens when it is a bank holiday and I stop visiting the library. Combined with my Sunday evening blues, my temporary decision to move to Ireland based entirely on an Irish accent I heard in the library helped me to realize I needed a break. I found myself with a ‘Screaming Orgasm’ by Wednesday evening. The cocktail. This resulted in drinking champagne at 2am and making my journey home in my friend’s neon yellow pyjamas on a busy Thursday morning prior to an important day of serious meetings and focused revision. In checking out the news in-between this, I found that food is back on the agenda.

With the recent eruption of ‘halal hysteria’, I was re-enlightened to the constant underlying racism that newspapers purport. Hiding behind the veil of ‘animal-rights’, various articles elaborated the ‘horrors’ of restaurant-diners not knowing that the meat they were consuming was halal. Better articles explained that this is repackaged Islamophobia, and that experiments have shown that the method used for halal meat does not induce further suffering for animals than other methods in most cases. In neglecting rational thought/scientific experiment, a bandwagon was created by certain newspapers in the name of ignorance. In remembering the recent case of similar papers comparing the effects of sugar to cocaine, it seems the Politics of Fear is attempting to gain the vote of the gut. Have we always been political about our food? The slave trade tortured and killed thousands in the name of sugar, coffee and rice; 200 years later sugar is re-appearing in the headlines. What does food do for politics and have we had too much propaganda in our pie? If you are what you eat consume, make sure you avoid hysterical headlines.

A meeting I had this week concerning funding has produced positive responses, and in refusing to quit the quest for funding, I realized that May must be the month. With registration on my MFA booked for the 18th August, it is imperative that I produce a scary figure within the next 30 days. In hanging up my title as ‘Procrastination Princess’ (I did refute this for a good five minutes), I realized that this has been the best academic year of my life and it may be a challenge to leave Bristol. When organizing a leaving event for my History pals, I wondered what post-university life will involve, and realized I’ve made friends-for-life. I proceeded to invite my lecturers to said event, and must endeavor to contain my tears/excitement/drunkenness on the occasion; it is probably best that I do not present any awards. Next week will bring my final exams amongst funding searches and a whole bunch of ‘last-times’; Feel free to pass the wine!

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