We finally made it to a UWE sports match and what better way to get involved with university sports, than to watch rugby varsity. In second year Emma had played women’s rugby and really enjoyed it, but had to stop due to a knee injury. Of course, this meant that we wanted to watch the women’s rugby to show our support for her team, and forher favourite sport. I on the other hand, embarrassingly, had to ask Emma what varsity actually meant…


On further inspection, we realised that the ticket we brought included both the women’s and the men’s game, which meant we would spend a total of five hours at the stadium. Being the classy students that we are, we decided that five hours was a long time, and that it would be fun to bring a couple of hipflasks and drinks. But, when we got to the memorial ground security was everywhere, meaning that we had to leave our hipflasks in a bush for fear of being frisked. Luckily, we saw other girls doing the same, which made us feel a tad less embarrassed…and later on, we spotted some friends who were driving, so went back for our much-loved flasks and put them safely in the car. Still, much to my dismay the security guards confiscated my foundation, which we forgot to go back for, probably because we were alcohol induced.

bl2Women’s kick off was at 5pm, so naturally we got a pint in straight away. The first match was tough, UOB was better organised and driven; sadly Emma’s loud chanting didn’t stop UWE from loosing, but hopefully spurred them on. Unfortunately, the men lost their game too:


Women’s: UOB 32-7 UWE

Men: UOB 31-10 UWE

However, we still had a great time; meeting lots of people we didn’t realise were going, drinking cider and trying to out-do UOB’s chants…Ending in a spontaneous night out at MBargos and a cracking headache the morning after.