If you are a student living in Bristol and have not yet visited Clifton Suspension Bridge, then you are the worst student ever. But don’t fear, it’s fun and free, a student necessity I understand.

Though we have on more than one occasion visited the bridge, Sarah and I have never been together (shocking I know, as we literally live in one another’s pockets…). We decided this most likely being our last trip to the bridge we should do something a little different.

Clifton Suspension Bridge

Recruiting two of our friends, Nath and Lloyd, who appreciated the much deserved revision/dissertation break, we decided to be incredibly cheesy and release a balloon each. These, however, were not just any balloons.
To increase the cheesy-ness, we thought it would be incredibly lame, yet relevant, to write on our balloon our favourite memory from each year at University. We won’t fixate on the fact that Sarah rocked up with ‘Happy Birthday’ balloons for us to use…

Clifton Suspension Bridge2

Sarah and I, being the scatty pair we are, both managed to pop our original balloons. Having deliberated over what to write on our balloons for a good ten minutes we were finally ready to release them. However, they merely plummeted into the road below… perhaps not the most sensible of places to have dropped them!

What we wrote on our balloons:

1. Getting my job at the UWE Disability Services and meeting Nathan.
2. Going on the History Society’s Summer Trip to Paris and making some exceptional new friends.
3. Getting a first in my Dissertation Proposal.

1. Pound-a-Pint Lock-In.
2. Paris (Copy-cat).
3. UWE Women’s Rugby Varsity.
Going around 6pm on a sunny afternoon really provided us with some gorgeous views, in which we of course, took a million selfies.

Clifton Suspension Bridge3

Having worked up an appetite, the evening was concluded with Sarah and I having a romantic meal for two in the chippy on Whiteladies. This was accompanied by an emotional farewell before I headed home to Oxford for Easter… (We shall ignore the fact Sarah too came home to Oxford the next day…).


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