For most of us this is the last week of lectures until next year, for some it is our last week ever. Once this week has finished some will be headed home for Easter break before returning for exams, others will be staying in Bristol to revise; and the lucky few that don’t have exams will be starting their summer. Whether you are in first, second or third year this is the opportunity to make the most of what could possibly be your last time with all your housemates.

The majority of us live with people from different courses, therefor we don’t all have the same holidays or number of exams. You may find that a couple of your housemates will leave on Friday and you won’t see them until you move into your new house at the end of summer. Some of your housemates you may never see again, they will become a brief nod of acknowledgment over a crowed bar, or the topic of an anecdote from your first year at university. It may not be intentional but that is how life goes.

With the ones that did become your best friend’s, life will get in the way. You might move in with different people, in a different part of Bristol. You might see them a few times a week at first, but then work or lectures will start and you will soon realize that it’s been four months since you last spoke. It’s no ones fault, it just happens. This is why you should make the most of this last week. Find out when your housemates are going home and arrange a meal before the first one leaves. If you find that money is tight then stay in and cook together, or order dominos and have a movie night. Whatever you do don’t go home too early, don’t waste your last week. This week is when your housemates will all realize that the end is near, friendships grow stronger and new bonds are formed. You don’t want to come back next year and find there are inside jokes and stories that you missed because you went home early.