„Stay gold.“


Teenagers always build a hierarchy into their universe and there are always the good guys and the bad guys – you may see this from different perspectives- but fact is that if you add a tiny little bit too much drama to that, it may kill your story, let alone movie.

The Outsiders is a movie from 1983, directed by Francis Ford Coppola. The attempt of this movie was to portray the Greasers, the poor kids, of the 1950s in opposition with the Soches, the rich kids. It is set in Nebraska, USA. As much love and detail Coppola has put into his film, as much has he captivated the protagonists’ character on screen.

Generally, the film deals with the bitter fate of the brothers Ponyboy (C. Thomas Howell), Darrel (Patrick Swayze) and Sodapopp (Rob Lowe). Their parents died and the oldest of the family, Darrel, tries vainly to keep the rest of the family together. Soon Ponyboy and his friend Johnny (Ralph Macchio)get involved in a serious crime scene with disastrous consequences.

This is a column for the best movies of all time, yes. The Outsiders, does not convince entirely, correct. However, if you look at cinematography, staging, storytelling and style individually and not as a whole final project when combined together, you can actually see some very fine elements that could even serve you as a guide of the general rules of filmmaking.

Many layers of storytelling appear too much and won’t allow you as a viewer to discover the characters. Single layers, e.g the struggle of Dallas to keep the loving family together, are carefully staged out- maybe too carefully, but functional.

Coppola’s cinematography is very thought through and could easily be used as educational material. However, a little less over-thinking would have given The Outsiders a far more approachable character.

One thing to bear in mind here is the fact that this movie is listed under the Top 100 on Imdb.com. Still, does this justify the choice of rating it as a ‘best movie of all time’ ? I am not convinced, but the movie’s title kept crossing my way until I actually watched it. That has to stand for something, I think.

Also, the trailer is well worth a watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8tgJqnVMAtc&hd=1