Emma and Sarah begin their third year bucket list.
Emma and Sarah begin their third year bucket list.


Having sent off one postgraduate application to Oxford, and one of us still soul searching for future direction, we realised that it was time to do all of the amazing/ridiculous and mundane things that we never got round to doing so far at University.  

Facing the impending doom of adulthood has not been an easy task. So we’ve decided to put it off for a little longer, and create a University ‘Bucket List’.




1)  Christmas Last Orders
2)  Go to another subjects lecture
3)   Get back into the Student Village
4)   Make our own alcohol – Skittles, Toffee Vodka.
5)   Throw a New Year’s Eve Party – Student House/Bristol
6)   Take Kent and Phil (lecturers) for a pint
7)   Go on a date
8)   Use the terms ‘YOLO’ or ‘Selfie’ in the presence of a lecturer – with proof.
9)   Get with a Fresher
10)  Go on a pub/bar crawl up Park Street/Gloucester Road
11)  St Matt Campus photography day
12)  Cocktail Night in Clifton
13)  UWE Pub Quiz
14)  Have the strongest Cider at the Corry Tap
15)  Get mentioned in a University Publication i.e. Western Eye, UWE Tab, UWE Radio.
16)  Library Flashmob
17) Go over the top on University Merchandise.
18) Attend a University Sports game/varsity.
19) Visit every campus SU and library
20) Read an entire Lecturers Book
21) Get Lecturers to sign their books we had to buy just for course basics.
22) Volunteer
23) Get another First Class piece of work each.
24) Order a Dominoes Pizza to campus
25) Play crate escape
26) Paddle in the Bristol fountains
27) SU Elections – Get involved.
28) Walk and do something creative over Clifton Suspension Bridge.
29) Photocopy Body Parts in the Library
30) Start a Conga and see how far we get…
31) Spray ourselves in Champagne after our final Exam.
32) GRADUATE- with a good degree.


Their full blog can be found here: http://thirdyeardenial.blogspot.co.uk/