So procrastinating in the library I thought I’d say thanks to the wonderful Miss Erica Stella Toms who writes a fantastic, Bridget-Jones-esque online column for the University’s newspaper. Through her Western Eye column, we were able to get mentioned in a university publication. Crossing another target off the list.


With the recent NekNominations that swept across the country and with its increasing stupidity, Erica had some very eye-opening views about this ‘Neanderthal’ behavior proving who is superior by their creativity to down a pint.

I, however, am not going to lie. I did one of these wondrous NekNominations. The boys from Oxford came to join Sarah and I on a much deserved night out and filmed theirs. One of the boys felt the need to nominate me and therefore the disaster began.

I shall spare the graphic details. After downing my entire alcoholic pint which consisted of Vokda, Bacardi, Morgan’s Spiced, Cider, Wine, and who knows what else. I remember sitting in Sarah’s lounge looking up at one of the boys and saying “Are we off out then boys?” The bewildered lad replied “Emma, we’ve been out, just got back, you passed out”.


I missed the evening thanks to my stupid behaviour and this stupid frenzy that swept across the nation. Due to these extreme circumstances taking it out of control Erica read our blog and in her article suggested that people create a ‘Bucket List’ to do all those important things to get the best student experience rather than passing out and missing them.

Though special shout out to Sarah for nursing me back to consciousness. Top Girl!

The most amazing thing out of all this is that not only did we get mentioned in a Uni publication we now have now been asked to turn our Bucket List into a column for the Western Eye! Crazy!

Erica’s Blog #15 A Barbaric Invasion… Take a read!