It was about time we admitted defeat and conformed and got fully on the university hype.


uwe merch

Yeah that’s right. Too cool for school or in this case, university.

It is accustom to engage and take pride in your university as an institution. UWE, or formally the University of the West of England, has been our home for the past three years, it has seen us grow from 18-19 year olds to now 20-21 year olds. It was our first home-from-home, it was our first experience in our overdraft and it was also the making of us as young, intelligent and somewhat absolutely mental adults.

People warn you that ‘the three years will fly by’ and tell you to ‘make the most of it; it’ll be over before you know it’. You respond with a laugh and a ‘I know, I will’. But they couldn’t be more right. Sarah and I met in Fresher’s week, down the SU, and now face the last days here at what we’ve loved to call our university.

Both successfully having managed to keep a tight grasp on our UWE drawstring bags that we were given on an open day, we realised our collection was larger than first thought. Sarah with her rucksack and now her T-shirt and hoody couldn’t quite compete with the UWE nerd I turned out to be.

I found my rucksack, a UWE library ‘bag for life’ that the fear of dropping off forced me to purchase in second year desperation along with my new T-shirt and Hoody I brought with Sarah. However, I too remembered of all my UWE Rugby kit I’d acquired over the course of second year. I kindly lent Sarah my Rugby hoody for the photo, though, by her stance, you can clearly tell she’s not a rugby girl…