Living with housemates you will come across the painful process of birthday panic. The announcement that one of your housemates is going to be celebrating their birthday soon and you are forced to take some sort of action. There are three scenarios that may take place around a housemate’s birthday.

The first is you deny all existence of the upcoming celebrations. You and the birthday housemate have never been friends and a birthday isn’t going to change thing. You know their name, you live with them, and you despise them. They are the housemate listens to their music at 3am, they eat all your food, and never buy the toilet roll. By some twisted fate you have been forced to live with this person whom you have no desire to get to know. You are counting down the days until you will never have to see them again. So why would you celebrate the day they were born? Thus on the day of their birthday you avoid them, and the house at all costs. And if you do stumble upon the birthday party you had no idea about, you say a quick hello, make your excuses, and lock yourself in your room for the night.

The second is the forgotten birthday. This is reserved for housemates that you get along with, even consider them friends; but you have never known their birthday under the naïve misconception that they will inform you of their date of birth a couple of weeks prier to the event. However some people don’t give this information out voluntarily. So when you are talking about which housemate will be celebrating their birthday next you are struck with the embarrassing realization that you have in fact missed their birthday. Thus you are left with a choice of throwing a belated party, involving handmade cards, and a ‘sorry we forgot about you’ cookie, because that is all you had in your cupboard, and you don’t have time to go to the shops.

The third is the full-blown housemates party. Where the news of a birthday is so exciting that you immediately rush to the nearest shop to purchase a cake, candles, birthday banners, and balloons. All housemates are then forced to spend the afternoon eating cake and trying to avoid the topic of the last birthday that was forgotten.

No matter how long you have known the birthday is coming up you will always be taken by surprise. The party will always be rushed and put together at the last minute. But don’t feel bad, after all it’s the thought that counts. Right?