It is that time of year again, one of the most important time of your university year. I’m not talking about exams, or essays, we all know they are important. I am talking about the event that creeps up on us three times a year, marking the end of the semester and the beginning of a long awaited break, Last Orders.


As a student at UWE you will have already seen the posters, you have probably already attended at least one of the previous Last Orders event. So there is nothing I can tell you that is new information. You are aware that it is on Friday 4th April, you have been told that it starts from 11am and ends at 3am, and you have heard numerous times that drinks are from £1.50. So really there is no point in me mentioning this information or the fact that it is being held at St Matts, Glenside and Frenchay. If you want to attend a full day of drinking event then you will, nothing I can say will change your mind. The fact that it is also host to the final of Battle of the Bands will make no difference. Saying that it is one of the only times in your life that you can have tequila shots at 11 in the morning and no one bats an eyelid is probably irrelevant.

You are probably already aware that Last Orders is a time where you can get your housemates together and spend the day drinking with your friends. You can invite your friends from home, or who have previously graduated to stay and join the drinking. You already plan to have breakfast together; and with the extra guests in your house you already have a signup sheet for the shower outside the bathroom. You know that you may loose people throughout the day, evening and early hours of the morning, if you make it that far. But remember that you will all be able to tackle the hangover together; misery loves company and all that. The Christmas Last Orders gave you the opportunity to bond with housemates that were still strangers to you, this Last Orders is giving you a break from uni work and the opportunity to spend time with your housemates and get to know each others friends. It may also be the last time you are all together before the term ends and people go on holiday or move back home for the summer.

Really there’s is probably nothing that I have mentioned that you did not know. You all know that it is one of the ‘can’t miss’ events so I will most likely be seeing you there. All that’s left to say is drink responsibly, pace yourself, and don’t forget to eat. You don’t want to be left in the toilets throwing up because you started with 3 shots and downed 2 pints of cider in order to play catch up.