By Hannah Rooke

Heels or flats, pain or practicality? This is the question I find myself faced with before every night out and yet, perhaps quite surprisingly, the outcome is always the same. Since moving to Bristol I have ditched the pain inflicting platforms and opted for the much comfier and much more practical Doc Marten. I don’t know what it is about Bristol, but the stigma for girls to wear heels on a night out seems a lot less great that in other cities in the UK. I’ve been on nights out in Edinburgh, London, Liverpool and Cardiff (just to name a few) and you can almost be guarantee that every girl will be wearing a pair of heels; even me.

Doc Martens might not look as elegant as a beautiful pair of heels, but the advantages of wearing them outweigh the advantages of wearing heels. You don’t feel the need to take your shoes of mid night out or have the inherent need to bathe them in warm water on returning home. Personally, I think they can go with anything and will add a grungy vibe to your look but they aren’t very girly and you probably will get stared down by the majority of other girls if you end up in Bunker or Pryzm wearing them, but for nights out at Motion, Lakota, Stokes Croft or Thekla, they are perfect.