Many of you will be familiar with the poor lighting in student accommodation. You will spend hours working in the sunlight only to be forced to find a room in your house that will give you light once the sun has started to set.

Working at a dark desk can be counter productive

Turning your main light on just doesn’t seem to be enough to illuminate your room properly. There are shadows cast over your desk, and your bed seems to be sheltered from the light, which is dim enough that the light from your laptop gives you a permanent headache. As children we are told that watching television or browsing the internet in the dark will put unnecessary strain on your eyes and ultimately hurt your head. When you first moved in you may not have taken proper notice of the terrible lighting, or the sun shone for long enough that your work wasn’t affected. However as the daylight shortened during winter it became hard to ignore. So you pulled out your trusty desk lamp only to find that you could not get the desired position to light your room; and the spotlight hitting your desk became a distraction rather than a help.

You can get something like this from IKEA for less than £20
You can get something like this from IKEA for less than £20

For Months I have struggled with the bad lighting. However one of my housemates room never seemed to have the same lighting issues as the rest of us. This was due to the floor light placed to the side of the center of her room. Upon realizing the power of the well-lit room I decided to buy a floor light. On Saturday we decided to go to IKEA and buy one of their floor lamps. As soon as I put it up and turned it on all my lighting issues disappeared.

We may be too young to worry about such issues, but lighting is a big part of our life. Working in poor lighting brings unnecessary distractions and headaches, which can potentially make our work suffer. Invest in a good quality lamp and you will benefit from the results of a well-lit room.