Having lived a week with (what I call) ‘Deadline Disorientation’, words were no longer an option. A post-deadline night out, despite having been awake for about 30+ hours, seemed like a fantastic idea… until I found myself under the influence and pouring my heart out in a taxi. You have all been there, no judgment please. After analyzing documents for this entire week, I was more concerned with the state of Palestine in 1917 than food; just another example of how degrees ruin lives. Positive intrusions to my week came in the form of my MFA welcome pack and my first ever first in a piece of coursework, if only the national budget hadn’t been released to shit on the week. Climbing back onto earth after this bizzare week, I found myself in a bizzare relationship with social media, which had entered WWIII over fundraising methods. To what extent do people need to focus on the bigger picture?

Cancer is one of the worst things to occur in our world currently. The idea that people would collaborate to raise 2 million+ against it is relieving, however to watch this movement divide into two camps is a little soul-destroying. Why people let individual predispositions obstruct an attempt at a unified combat is complicated. Is it selfish to let sexist viewpoints or past experiences taint a movement that is altruistic at heart? Yes. To call a ‘no make-up selfie’ in the name of cancer research vain, or judge it as ‘sexist’ is cynical at best. If it is raising money, why does it matter what form this takes? This obviously excludes forms that would hurt another human being, for those of you who are more inclined to pedantic thought-patterns. This issue raises two questions. Why do we criticize others of showing our own flaws and how can we learn to look at the bigger picture for a good cause?

When humans are bored, depressed or frustrated they tend to become consumed by the little things. Again, you have all been there. Sexual equality is very important, as is the idea that justice is achieved in life, but fighting a disease that can remove life is more so. Where is the justice for those with cancer? In the study of History it is presumed we focus on dates, events and an individual, yet understanding the course of a century contributes further to achieving progression. People must remember the bigger picture in order to move forward, and pointing out sexual inequality in every aspect of life will degrade both causes. Perhaps those doing so are frustrated by their inability to forget their predispositions? To criticize and stand against a movement that is helping people worldwide for the sake of your predisposition? This is both vain and selfish. It is typical then for this camp to criticize with the insults of ‘vain’ ‘self-obsessed’ and ‘attention-seeking’. Remember that argument with your mum/boyfriend/friend when you insulted a quality of theirs? Chances are that very quality was one you lack, or are afraid to confront in yourself.

The ‘no make-up selfie’ for cancer research was one of many examples in which humans forget to look at the bigger picture. This may be idealistic, but life is too short not to be and infinitely better when you are. Spending an entire fortnight focusing on a hefty workload may produce wonderful results but kills creativity, sanity and sense of self. I am not a machine. I rewarded myself with by indulging in a ‘commitment-free’ 36 hours and booking a trip to Israel.  Amongst e-mails concerning this successful conquest were responses from fundraising organizations re-posting information from their websites, an invitation to sit on an interview panel and offers from discount organizations offering cheaper liposuctionvariety is the spice of life? I have realized that my e-mail account is directly correlated with my current state of mind, and there are 20+ categories of information ongoing. Unfortunately, there is no delete button. Remember one thing when enduring this: it is important sometimes to forget the details, and look at the bigger picture.