So this week has been foggy, in all senses of the term. I have been unable to see how I am going to finance my future, and unable to see out of my windscreen whilst driving. Drinks for my best friend’s birthday on International Women’s Day quickly disappeared into the mist, and I found myself facing three deadlines in four days. I attempted to stay calm, and turned to enormous helpings of lemon-flavored yoghurt (highly recommended). Spending 3285864 hours a day on campus resulted in tweeting about ducks, and making a sandwich from scratch in my car. This is not acceptable; I am a grown-woman. The fact that others have resorted to extreme protest and argument reminds me that I am not alone in this third-year crisis. Alongside deadlines, I’ve been working against the clock in an attempt to find funding so I can accept an actual offer to attend university in New York City.

Money is time, and time is money. Dollar or sterling; it causes problems. Can money buy happiness? Many don’t think so, but we give presents for a reason. Material goods bring some positivity to lives, and enable us to live in some respects. Money is not directly correlated with happiness; satisfaction can never be reached. However, if you lose time and sleep when struggling to make ends meet, money is robbing your happiness. Granted; it is unrealistic to imagine the possibilities in a world where money wouldn’t exist. When was the last time you were stopped by money? Strikes and wars are just some of those caused by money; how many victims has money taken?

Banks and loan-lenders claim to ease the pain if you sign on the dotted line. At what cost? The terms and conditions are liable to change, but it is your money behind that counter. Computers generate the answer; who decides on the criteria? Big bosses and fat-cats are the ones responsible for the ‘decline’ message, and they do not have to deal with the embarrassed-customer-assistant-avoiding-eye-contact.  A lack of money causes many problems; from serious to menial. The want or need for money can encourage people to do things they never thought moral. How far would you go for a good cause? Writing a column about money out of money-induced-desperation is one of the more menial problems.

Currently, the one thing I am sure of (apart from the amount of debate over the Iranian Crisis of 1951) is that Jamie Dornan is a suitable choice of actor to play Christian Grey. I am unsuitably excited for the release date of 14th February 2015. After an overwhelming whirlwind of a week, it is important to hope that the fog eventually clears. When racing through this fog to uni, I discovered the council has decided to close an entire road. Is that what we’re doing now? This was not helpful considering I committed the dangerous act of turning off my alarm before getting out of bed. A lack of time meant that I found myself stumbling through a presentation, and actually stopping at one point. It’s the ability to get back up and continue, right? Spending 6 days focused on crisis in history, and crisis on my history course meant that inspiration for a scholarship essay came at 2.39am. With repeated messages about my offer overseas, it is vital that I find $45,000 without breaking the law. Help.