How to survive your Housemates, Columnist Laura Howe.

As students living with other students in close quarters with thin walls, we are bound to hear people having sex at some point during the year. You may find yourself in bed sleeping and suddenly being awoken by weird noises that you’re not sure are even human. Your first reaction is to laugh, then you may get angry and decide that enough really is enough. So you have a decision to make, you can put some music on and fall back to sleep, the disturbance completely forgotten by morning. Or you can drag yourself out of your warm bed to confront the perpetrators, have an argument that may wake others, then go back to bed even angrier. Allowing the whole issue to carry on till morning, where harsh glares are shared over the breakfast table. Personally I would choose to fall back to sleep and make a joke of it in the morning.

In my first year my father was helping me move out of my accommodation when one of my housemates started having rather loud sex with his girlfriend. Now I had become used to their noises, usually making a joke of it with my other housemates, or choosing to leave the house for as while. However I had no idea how my father would react.  So I carried on putting the last of my things in the car as quickly as possible before my father became aware of the couple having sex in the room next to us. I thought I had been successful as my father picked up the last box and carried it towards the door; however before he left the house he shouted for the couple to enjoy themselves, and he hoped they were playing safe. Now to this day I have no idea if they heard him or not, but this carefree approach didn’t make things as awkward as they could have been.

So if you hear your housemate having sex remember if you can hear them, they can easily hear you. Don’t be too hard on them. And if you do find they regularly disturb your sleep, calmly discuss the issue with them when everyone is vertical and fully dressed.