Noise Complaints, and Nausea.

Once again I have found myself spending my Sunday lying in bed nursing a hangover.

The Saturday just past, I attended a friend’s cocktail party, originally I had intended on having a couple of drinks and returning home by 11. However as it turned 2am I found myself surrounded by friends singing Bon Jovi, and Miley at the top of our lungs.

Once I left the party I was greeted to a text informing me that my housemate was also back from a night out, as well as our friends that live in the flat below us. So instead of going to bed as I probably should have, a fellow Hollies dweller and I decided to join our friends and play Cards Against Humanity, and finish off our bottle of rum. At around 4:30 the rest of our little after-party kicked us out of their flat, and my housemate and myself decided it was probably time to go to bed also. The trip upstairs, usually a brief walk up a flight of stairs turned into a 15 minute trip involving clinging to the walls, crawling along the floor, and eventually crashing into our door; while laughing at each others drunken states. The result is that I spent Sunday morning, afternoon, and most of the evening trying not to throw up

The events of the evening while they were fun, and extremely humorous at the time may not have been seen that way to the other residents. There will always be nights when you are awoken by a group of loud drunks staggering their way to their beds. When this happens you can choose to stay in bed and wait a few minutes for the noise to dye down. Or you can go out and tell them off for the noise they are most likely not going to remember making.

Next time you are woken up at 3am, think about the times you have stumbled home drunk and accidently woken your neighbors. Remember the times where you were too drunk to realize the noise you were making, and give your housemates a break. If however it is a regular occurrence, sit down and talk about the noise issue as a flat when everyone is sober.

And next time you find yourself crashing through the door in the early hours of the morning, try to remember that you do not live alone, try to be sensitive to your housemates and keep the noise down, if possible.

And remember; nothing good happens after 2am.