hangover-1This weekend I found myself waking to an unholy desire for water to help my incredibly dry mouth, accompanied by a pounding in my head. There are two explanations for this; either I invited the cast of Stomp for an impromptu performance in my room, then while I watched the performance, I traded popcorn for a bowl of sandpaper.

Or I spent most of the previous night giving my liver a workout.

Whichever tale you decide to believe is up to you, both however still put me in the same situation. Lying in bed with the curtains drawn, trying not to move.

Lets not pretend that, as students, you have not encountered this feeling before. Whatever led to your own hangover is not the issue. I am not here to lecture you on the importance of drinking in moderation, nor am I going to tell you that getting drunk during your student years will eventually turn you into a raging alcoholic. I will however regale you with my own way of dealing with a hangover, should you find yourself in a similar state after reading this weeks column.

The most important thing to potentially lessen the state of your hangover is to drink at least a pint of water before you go to sleep the night before. This will keep you hydrated, as a large portion of a hangover is a headache; which is most likely caused by dehydration. The next step is to get into a onesie or other clean comfy clothes, just because you feel like crap does not mean you should smell like it. Now that you have dragged yourself out of bed go to the couch, taking your duvet with you, and set up camp for the day. Bring all your pre-brought hangover food and drink with you, I highly recommend orange juice and lemonade to settle your queasy stomach. Once you have set up camp turn on the t.v. or you laptop and wait for the rest of you housemates to come and join you. If you’re going to suffer then you may as well suffer together.

If you find your housemates are not as hangover as you, don’t be a bitch about it. They may not feel like they’re going to paint the walls with the contents of last nights kebab, but they’re still your housemates not your parents. If they want to help they will! If however you are the only on that stayed sober then tread softly and speak quietly. Remember while your housemates are at your mercy now, it may be you needing darkness and quiet next weekend.


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